Social Media Trends in 2020

Social Media Trends in 2020 A New Decade of Social Media Trends 2019 has come and gone, and we are ready to welcome in the new decade! Social media trends are sure to change over the years–but what can we expect from 2020? Here’s a quick list of the trends we are excited to watch […]

What is Digital Marketing and What are Its Benefits?

What is Digital Marketing and What are Its Benefits? Digital marketing is any form of advertising or marketing that occurs online. The world wide web is a great way (and some may say the only way) to advertise your business in 2020. Newspaper ads and radio spots may still work for businesses focusing on hyperlocal […]

Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Facebook Ads for Small Businesses  Facebook is a great marketing tool, but is it relevant to your business? The answer is yes–when used correctly! The Facebook algorithm has made it difficult to reach customers organically. This discourages business owners from using Facebook because it can feel like a waste of time. Facebook marketing is anything […]

The Fool-Proof Guide to Running a Business Instagram Account

The Fool-Proof Guid to Running a Business Instagram Account Instagram is a key tool in today’s marketing arsenal for businesses. Using Instagram for your business, whether big or small, helps potential customers find easy information about you–this means you need to be strategic about what you post, when you post, and how you post! Marketing […]

Using the Instagram Algorithm to Your Advantage

Using the Instagram Algorithm to Your Advantage How can you use the Instagram Algorithm to your advantage when scheduling content? This is a question we at CAST Design Team receive all the time. In this blog, we’ll explain three Instagram Algorithm facts that come straight from the pro’s at Instagram. What is the Instagram Algorithm? […]

3 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads that Convert

3 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads that Convert Facebook is a great place to share your products to potential customers. Creating Facebook Ads that convert can be a difficult task, and it is harder than throwing a link and some text into the program. We’ve compiled our three best tips for creating Facebook Ads that […]

5 things you can do right now to improve your Social Media

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Social Media Your social media platforms are your businesses community. It’s a place where current and potential clients and customers go to learn more about you, interact with you, and be apart of something bigger than them! It’s important to make sure you give them […]

How to Optimize your Profile | Pt 3

I bet your profile looks better already! We are starting to get into some more complicated stuff that is going to make you think. You might need to hire a content writer for these two or at the very least bring in a friend to help. Let’s get started! 5. Craft a Mantra Look at your […]

How to Optimize your Profile | Pt 2

Let’s continue with optimizing that profile! Last week we started with two good tips you can start with to make sure people can find you. Here we are going to hit you with two more tips. 3. Focus on your Avatar on Your Face A good avatar does two things. One, it validates who you […]

How to Optimize your Profile | Pt 1

Believe it or not when you get a new client the first thing that they will do is Google you. Based on your Social Media profiles they will make a quick judgement within seconds. As a business owner, I cannot express how essential it is to have a fully filled out profile with the correct information. […]