Facebook Ads for Small Businesses


Facebook Ads for Small Businesses 

Facebook is a great marketing tool, but is it relevant to your business? The answer is yes–when used correctly! The Facebook algorithm has made it difficult to reach customers organically. This discourages business owners from using Facebook because it can feel like a waste of time. 

Facebook marketing is anything but a waste of time. When utilized to its full potential, Facebook can help you target specific demographics, manage your advertisements and sponsored posts, run analytics on how your content is performing, and foster brand loyalty amongst your customers. 

Facebook Ad Targeting 

When creating a Facebook Ad, you can choose to use an image, a video, a blog, or other literature from your company. Once you’ve set up your post, Facebook will help you determine your ad objective and the demographics you want to target.  

Your ad objective may be to get clicks to your website, an app installed, or messages to your Facebook profile. Choosing your objective is important because it helps Facebook send the right customers to the right places. 

Demographic targeting starts with determining the age, gender, location, and language of the ideal customer you want to see your ad. Facebook provides a visual that helps you know how large your audience is as you choose specific demographics. 

Detailed targeting continues into more specific interests and details. For example, you can target specific income brackets, political affiliations, and hobby interests. These detailed demographics will help Facebook use your advertising money to see the best return on investment. 

The Benefits of Facebook Analytics

Once your ads and organic posts are up and running, you can begin to see Facebook’s analytics of your content’s impressions, clicks, and other engagements. Analytics will help you see which content your audience prefers. Maybe photos with graphics work better than blog post links–Facebook analytics will help you find trends in your content compared to engagement. 

Consider checking your Facebook analytics page a day after posting, and a week after posting. See how well your content is doing on a regular basis and make the necessary changes to post more engaging content for your customers. 

Brand Loyalty through Facebook Groups

A Facebook page is a must-have for most businesses, but many businesses are beginning to see the benefit of using Facebook groups. The Facebook algorithm has been pushing group engagement to the top of news feeds because it is more engaging than a Facebook page ad. 

Brands can create a Facebook group centered around their product or brand which helps customers connect with each other and with the brand. Facebook groups create an easy way to solve customer service issues quickly. Customers can communicate with each other about best practices when using your product and you can gather user generated content to share on your social pages! 

Social Media Managers

A social media manager can help you manage your Facebook ads along with other social media platforms. CAST Design Team can manage all of your online marketing and help you create a marketing strategy to engage your potential customers. Reach out today to learn more about our marketing packages!

Let us show you how we can help, ask questions, and make sure the synergy is there.