What is Digital Marketing and What are Its Benefits?


What is Digital Marketing and What are Its Benefits?

Digital marketing is any form of advertising or marketing that occurs online. The world wide web is a great way (and some may say the only way) to advertise your business in 2020. Newspaper ads and radio spots may still work for businesses focusing on hyperlocal audiences but digital marketing allows you to reach the masses around the world. So, let’s talk about how to get your business into the world of digital marketing. 

Why Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, you can reach customers where they are spending most of their time. Online! Digital marketing provides an “in” to the homes of your potential customers! You can also utilize analytics that give you real-time feedback on how people are responding to your ads and marketing content. This allows you to make changes to your marketing faster than traditional marketing options allow. 

Digital Marketing Methods

Social Media

Chances are, your ideal customer is spending a considerable amount of time online. No matter your specific target audience demographics, your business should be seen on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social media is a great way to offer quick customer service, provide accessible information, and share sales and deals to your potential customers. 

Sponsored Ads on Social Media

Social media offers the ability to create sponsored posts, which basically pushes your information to the social media feeds of potential clients or customers. With the help of a clever advertiser, you can create snappy copy with a captivating graphic or video that will bring leads to your front door (physical or not). Social platforms also offer the ability to target specific demographics with your ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Similar to social media advertising, Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to target specific demographics that you want to show your ads to. PPC targeting can be even more specific than social media targeting. PPC ads are run on actual websites rather than social media platforms. 

Email Blasts and SMS Marketing

Email and text message campaigns are a great way to use digital technology to send your message directly to your audience. Get creative with your business emails and text messages–ask yourself what information you can offer your customers that will help foster brand loyalty. Send out a series of emails or texts that welcomes new customers, explains how best to use your products, and other useful information for your readers.

Not Sure Where to Start? 

These are just a few of the digital marketing opportunities that are available to your business. If you aren’t sure where to begin with digital marketing, consult a professional! CAST Design Team is a full service marketing and branding agency that covers everything from the design of your website to the copy in your social media posts. Reach out today for more information!

Let us show you how we can help, ask questions, and make sure the synergy is there.