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5 key elements of a great logo design

“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

What if we were to say “Facebook” or “McDonalds”, or even “SEARS?” I am willing to bet that you immediately thought of the logos of each of these well-known companies. A great logo design will instantly call the brand to mind. Elements of a great logo design help make it credible, simple, distinct, versatile, appropriate, targeted, memorable and timeless.

This is why you shouldn’t just slap some clip art together and call it a day. This is the literal symbol of your company we’re talking about – it’s the first impression you leave on potential clients, before they even talk to you.

This symbol is so important to your business that the design process must aim to make the logo immediately recognizable and easily remembered, which means it must be SIMPLE.

5 key elements of a great logo design:

1. An Effective Brand Logo Is Credible

Your logo needs to look professional and clear in order to make people confident enough to want to do business with you. This pretty much excludes any sort of clip art or logos built with an online logo generator.

2. An Effective Brand Logo Is Simple

DO streamline the design. DON’T overcomplicate things.

Simplicity and straightforwardness communicate confidence and power, which is what you want.

Keep the fonts used simple and easy to read, yet avoid the most commonly used fonts, such as Comic Sans. You don’t want your design to appear amateurish.

One font is ideal, and avoid more than two font styles.

3. An Effective Brand Logo is Distinct

DO set yourself apart. DON’T look just like everything else out there.

You want your logo to be unique, recognizable, and set apart from competitors’ logos. Take a look at your competitors’ brand logos before you decide on your own.

4. An Effective Brand Logo Is Versatile

DO consider various applications. DON’T design for just one size or medium.

In the digital world, it’s essential that your brand logo performs equally well in a variety of sizes across multiple devices. In addition to being your logo, it may also have to function as a favicon, profile image, or icon for your social profiles. Make sure the font is still legible when scaled down, especially with script fonts.


5. An Effective Brand Logo is Targeted

DO design for your intended audience. DON’T forget the customer.

A great brand is a reflection of what your company is, what your company aspires to be, and how people perceive your company—and your brand should also be based on what your target market wants and needs you to be.


Get Your Project Off the Ground

A professional logo that matches and extends your company’s image can really be useful, and periodically, you should review the logo design and your overall corporate image so nothing ever looks dated.

It’s pretty obvious if you are just launching your construction business that you will need to create a great logo. But there are other times when a logo design may be needed, such as when you decide it’s time to up your marketing game or when scaling up your business.

You’ll also want to refresh/redesign your logo periodically when there are major changes to your business. These changes might include such things as a merger or major revision of your primary market focus or adding a significant new service to your offerings.

Get ready to start that productive conversation with the designer that’s going to artfully and scientifically craft the most effective new logo design that communicates who your business is and what it does.

You’ll want to choose a logo designer who is experienced and successful. One who has positive testimonials from previous clients. One who communicates professionalism and acts in a timely manner. One like CMK Marketing.

We have helped dozens of agencies elevate their business with new logos that effectively communicate the company or organization’s mission. The value of your designer understanding this mission and exactly where the company is going cannot be understated. We seek to fully understand your company, your goals, and your vision – before even touching pencil to paper (yes, we sketch ideas out first – call us old school, but this process gets the creative juices flowing!).

Ready to get started? Here is a partial list of questions we will be going over with you:

Who is your audience? (Be specific) This will help you determine the best design style from the start
What is the tonality of your business? (i.e., fun, serious)
Emotional Message (i.e., my audience should feel compassion)
Logical Message (i.e., my audience should think I need this)
Color or Shapes
Positioning (i.e., how are you positioning your brand in the market?)

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Why Branding your Business is Important to get to the Next Level

How can I become a great brand?

How can I make this brand sustainable?

What will bring value to my brand?

Just what is my story, and how do I tell it?

And, my favorite question and the most important by far:

What the hell is branding?

Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a website. It’s more than a business card. It’s more than the colors and typefaces you choose to represent your company. Your brand is your voice in the marketplace, and it is your proposition for disruption. It is your opportunity to create something with lasting impact. It is how you tell your story, and it is absolutely key to your success and your survival.

Most entrepreneurs go to market not with a brand, but with an idea—an idea that can be so close to you that it can be challenging to present and explain to others. You think everyone should understand it, as you do, but that is not the case. This is the exact reason as to why you need to develop an effective brand messaging.

One of the most frequent comments I hear is, “People just don’t understand us, our value and what we do, but we know we are absolutely the best.” That statement is a problem. Your brand is your story, and if you can’t tell it, then nobody will get it.

If you ever catch yourself making that sort of statement, take a step back. Because it is total BS.

This is business and if you cannot communicate the value of what you bring to the market, well then, you have a problem, sir.

Branding is about knowing what you stand for and how you communicate the values and character of your product or service. As a business owner, this is not so much a design choice as it is a leadership decision. Your job as chief is to know exactly, concisely and in context what you stand for. You are the lone author of your story, your mission and your reason for being. If you are having trouble communication your story, give us a call so we can give you a free brand assessment. Fill out the form below now!