How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity (A Step-by-Step Guide)


How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity (A Step-by-Step Guide)

When you think of your brand identity, you probably visualize your logo, what your website looks like, or even your mission statement and what you stand for. In reality, these are all small components that make up what your brand identity actually is – the entire picture and the whole of your business. 

A strong brand identity is important because it’s what sets you apart from competing businesses and makes it more likely that people will remember you. It should reflect what your brand says, your company values, how you communicate your product, and spark an emotion when people interact with it. You’re making a certain promise to your customers with your brand identity about the standards they should expect, and it’s up to you to deliver just that.

Building a brand identity can’t happen overnight and may continue to grow and evolve as your business does. But here are some basic steps in creating a powerful brand identity if you’re just starting out or just need to refresh an already established business.

Research Audience and Competition

What does your audience want or expect from other businesses in your industry? What is their age demographic? Their budget? What do they do? These are important market research questions that should be addressed as you build your brand’s identity. 

You also want to have something to offer your audience that other businesses can’t. How does your product or service compare to others around you, and what can convince customers to choose you instead?

Determine Core Values

Your principles and company philosophies should represent your business, so establish a clear and direct mission statement with goals that are attainable and realistic. This will drive you into the future and give customers a sense of your company’s purpose. You should also develop a brand voice and story at this stage and determine how you’d like to come across to your customers.

Develop Creative Elements

This is where the fun and creativity begins! You can start as basic as finding a company name, then move on to the logo, typeface, and color palette you’d like to adopt. Figure out what sort of visual elements you’d like to incorporate into your brand. Factors like photography, iconography, illustrations, shapes, taglines, and vocabulary are also important to consider.

At this point you can also make a style guide that lays out what visual rules you want the company to follow. Just make sure that everything you do moving forward reflects this guide in order to stay consistent and on brand.

Strategize, Analyze, and Refine

It takes time to establish a brand identity, and with that, remember that it will evolve and change over time. This is a good thing and usually means your business is growing! 

You should continuously evaluate what your core principles are and ensure your brand identity still reflects that. Are you still delivering on the promises you initially gave to your audience? Be ready to change any brand elements that no longer stand for your company.

Building a strong brand identity will pay off in positive customer relationships and experiences. Stay memorable, stay consistent, stay true to what your business stands for.

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