How to Use Keywords in Your Website Copy (and the importance) 

The goal of any successful website or blog should be to create awareness of a brand or company. No one will be able to find or experience what you have your business. While you may have other forms of advertising, showing up in web searches is important to your overall brand awareness, so optimizing your […]

The Best Networking Events in Las Vegas

The Best Networking Events in Las Vegas As any business owner knows, entrepreneur or otherwise, it is essential to build a strong network with those around you. Doing so can create opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t present themselves, can contribute to personal and career growth, and can help you develop long-lasting relationships with others in your […]

Search Engine Optimization Goals for 2020

Search Engine Optimization Goals for 2020 Happy 2020! A new year means new marketing goals for any business that wants to stay afloat, and just as the internet is always changing, internet marketing tactics are always changing as well. The last decade brought major changes to the way marketers used the power of the internet […]

What Can Marketing Mean for You?

what does marketing mean

WHAT CAN MARKETING MEAN FOR YOU? Once your brand is established, you’re well on your way to start marketing your company. There are several avenues in which you can market your business, including social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using a personal or business website, or traditional routes such as TV and radio advertisements. […]

How to Help Customers Become More Legitimate for the Yelp Review Filter

Most business owners are frustrated with the Yelp review filter because it also filters out the positive reviews. We tell our clients to request reviews from customers, their email list, people who tweet at them, etc. On one hand, you want to generate positive reviews to help your social reputation management. On the other, you […]