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Gone are the days when we knew for certain that everyone was viewing the
web on a desktop or laptop computer so websites were designed and developed for that standard experience. Increasingly, people are viewing the web on a variety of devices – tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. If your website doesn’t support those devices, this can negatively affect how users interact with your business. The site may load slowly, the layout is fixed and awkward to navigate and you may end up with a frustrated user. CAST design team can turn this problem around using responsive design. We’ll design your website’s front-end templates to adapt and scale to whatever kind of device the user is viewing from while maintaining your existing look and feel and improving overall performance.

We’ll test it on a variety of devices – mobile and non-mobile – to ensure the experience is consistent and easy to use. We want to improve your conversion by 50% for mobile users which, given the current percentage of users who visit websites on mobile devices currently, should impact sales by 20% per month. Now that’s what you’d call responsive, don’t you agree?



The first step involves our team really getting to know your business, your industry, your competition and your customers. This involves meeting with your team, conducting some research, doing customer interviews and really drilling down to the core of how people see you now and how you want them to see you moving forward.

1 – 2 Hour Discover Meeting
Current Brand Analysis
Competitive Landscape – Additional Value, Products & Services, Target Market, Weaknesses, Strengths & Distribution Channels


Once the discovery is complete, our team will develop a brand strategy unique to you. We’ll present what we feel the promise is that you need to communicate and suggest tactics for how it can be expressed throughout your business operations.

Mood Board
Messaging Framework – Brand Promise, Positioning Statement, Target Audience, Primary Message, & Call to Actionels


Once we’ve developed your brand strategy and you’ve approved this direction, our designers will move into interpreting your brand characteristics in a more visual way. A standard package includes:

Logo design
Corporate Style Guide
Business card
Might include other items (see: “Your Investment”)


Once these steps are complete and you have signed off your approval, we’ll develop brand guidelines for you. This is your handbook for how to properly express your brand: where and how to use the logo, colours, fonts and just as importantly, how NOT to use them, in order to consistently communicate your message.

Look & Feel
Colors & Fonts
Messaging Framework


To complete the work outlined in the project scope, we’ll need approximately 8 weeks from beginning to end, depending on the complexity of the project and how long it takes to receive feedback at each milestone.


Logo Files

Every logo we create is 100% custom made in vector format. This means that the logo can be stretched without losing quality. The following are the types of formats the logo would be delivered so that it can be used across various platforms.


Style Guide

Below is an example of a style guide that is used for branding your business. Included you will find the logo, logo family, color palette, and fonts. By creating a complete brand style guide, you ensure that your published content is consistent, polished, recognizable, and more enjoyable. A thorough, well-thought-out style guide puts your readers first. It creates a recognizable, engaging voice and personality that readers can form a more personal connection with.


Once full payment is received, we hand over all copyrights to you. Everything created in the process, such as concepts that were not chosen, are owned by CAST design team. We also hold the right to use the branding developed for you in our portfolio and for use in marketing collateral.


To unlock our prices and packages, please fill out this form. Once the form is submitted, you will be directed to a scheduling page to schedule a quick introduction phone call. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your project.


Skye Baloo Carnegie Institute Logo


In the optimization of human potential, Skye is a renowned expert, author, and breakthrough theorist in the fields of Genius, Savantism, Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, Relationships, Childhood Trauma, PTSD and psychosomatic conditions. The institute is committed to aligning us back to source in order to heal ourselves. Our vision is to take our work into women prisons as a curriculum.

Skye Baloo Carnegie / Owner

I cannot stop saying good things about CAST design team. They have helped me align myself and all my thoughts that are all over the place into a tanganle brand. Not knowing that I wanted, or in what direction to go in, they where able to guide me and offer creative feedback in every aspect of the business.



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Michael Ortiz / Owner

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