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When ServiceTree came to CAST, they where looking for brand awareness across multiple channels. They currently had cold calling marketing in place and a lot of their industry still hadn’t heard of the software.

The Strategy
After the focus session CAST created a roadmap for ServiceTree complete with personas, goals, and competitor research. We decided to target three audiences and define not only their internal conflict, but also their psychological conflicts when it comes to working with an MSP software.

Strategy Road Map

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Number Increase

Marketing done right works.

Setting goals paid off in the end. CAST predicted that it would take about 3 months for the company to start building reputation again on social media but in about 2 months we already saw a huge increase in the numbers.


Facebook follower Increase in month 2


Twitter Organic Impressions in month 2


LinkedIn Organic Impressions in month 2

Post Examples

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Report Month 2

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