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Olivia uses advanced softwares like CAD, 3D Max and Sketch Up to design and model products in 3D. She brings a comprehensive skill set to Cast Design Team with certificates and diplomas in Art Direction, Audiovisual Media, Web Design and Design Education, and received her Bachelor’s in Industrial Design from the Superior Institute of Design in 2008. 


Also a College Professor of Geometry and Drawing for the Superior Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría, Cuba from 2008-11, Olivia has taught graphic expression in the forms of architecture, urban planning and Civil, Mechanical & Hydraulic Engineering. Her design expertise encompasses Industrial, Product, Interior, Visual, Retail, Project and Graphic Design. She’s created products from conceptualization to fruition for companies like Heather Allan Concepts, LightSpeed VT, Don Williams Remodeling and Havana Vieja Cigar Boutique. 


Olivia has had her work featured in Interactive Virtual Trainings for top educational professionals and motivational speakers around the world. She’s originally designed a vast range of products and marketing materials including furniture, lighting, signs, logos and even educational materials for elementary students to help develop skills and self-esteem. An undeniably brilliant designer, Olivia brings a skill level and expertise that’s hard to come by in other design firms.