Mini Brand Assessment: Is your Brand on Point?

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Mini Brand Assessment: Is your Brand on Point?

Your brand plays a larger role than you might think when it comes to your organization’s overall appearance and presentation. Your brand is a part of your entire communication strategy. Because of this, you want to make sure your brand is on point! There are several questions you can ask yourself to see if your brand has it going on! For example, is my logo appropriate for the industry and niche we’re in? Or, do our company colors best represent the overall tone & vibe we want to portray? There are so many examples, with so little time, so today, let’s focus on just a few.

  1. Does your brand reflect the experience?
    Sometimes we fall in love with the images and fonts that make up our logo, and sometimes we think our logo is the only thing that makes up our brand. What we don’t always think about is how other people see our brand. What would your clients say about your brand? Would they think that your brand reflects what you do? Furthermore, if you had to step into your own customer’s shoes, would you look back at your own brand as something easily identifiable and easy to remember?
  2. Does your vision match your brand promise?
    Your brand promise is what your customer come to expect every time they interact with your company. Your brand promise is the value and/or experience that your company is known for. Everything your business does should reflect this brand promise. Some of your customers or clients may work with you solely based on the experience they have every time they interact with you, what would happen if one day that changed? More likely than not that client wouldn’t stick around. So, now that you have a solid brand promise, what about your brand vision? What if your brand vision doesn’t match that promise? Since your vision is what guides you to the future, you need to make sure the two are aligned or it can cause serious problems in the future. 
  3. Does your brand stand out?
    There are a few easy ways to easily determine if your brand stands out or not. Start by doing a Google search of your industry. What do other brands in your industry look like? How does your brand look different or stand out in comparison to what you’re seeing online? Another great way to determine if your brand stands out is to go to a networking event and come back with a stack of business cards, add yours in to the stack at random, and shuffle through them. Does your pop out to you for any other reason than that it’s yours? We hope it does! 
  4. Are you being clear?
    Having a clear message is important. If people don’t know what you do, how are they going to know to work with you? Get some feedback from friends and strangers. Show people your website, or your business card, or any other collateral item you may have, and ask them if they know what you do. If they don’t know from a single look at one of those items, you might have a problem! 
  5. Is it Memorable?
    Catchy slogans and sayings can go along way, where many of the biggest brands today have perfected this art. But it’s more than that, where sometimes a brand and its identity stay burned into the memory banks of everyone who see’s it because it was just different. Want to know if your brand is memorable? Show someone your logo for 5 seconds and ask them to draw it. Tell someone your business name and ask them a minute later what it is. Tell your employees your core values and see if they can remember it the next day. The results of these tasks will be a good indicator of whether or not your brand is memorable. 

So, we challenge you to take 10 minutes out of your day to truly ask yourself, members of your team, friends, and strangers some of these questions. You may be surprised at some of the answers. Whether these surprises are good or bad, that’s entirely dependent on where your brand quality is today.

Let us show you how we can help, ask questions, and make sure the synergy is there.