The connections you make with your customers are key to building and sustaining an effective company. Your customers need to trust not only in the product but also in the company itself; brands that inspire trust tend to generate greater customer satisfaction, resulting in higher sales and better referrals.

One of the ways a business can inspire this trust is to act with empathy towards their clients. Now, “acting with empathy” is a pretty broad statement – after all, businesses aren’t people, and a business that pretends to be a person will be scoffed at and avoided. So, how can empathy boost your business and generate sales?

First, we need to define empathy. Empathy is, in simple terms, the ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others. To act with empathy, one must step into the shoes of another person and see what they see; you can’t just assume, you have to know the other person’s thoughts and concerns.

Acting with empathy is the key to improving your business. After all, you started this business to offer a product or service that can benefit your customers, so you need to consider how your product is affecting your customers from their point of view. Is this product user-friendly? Is their experience with the product/service as convenient as possible? Are all concerns met through your customer service? These questions and more need to be answered to properly step in your customers’ shoes and make the necessary adjustments to your products and business model.

One key thing we want to emphasize is that empathy is not a power to be abused – after all, empathy is a gift that distinguishes humans from other animals. Empathy has the power to build communities, create genuine connections, and improve lives, but the key is to use empathy with the goal of benefiting others – otherwise, it isn’t empathy.

So, what are the benefits of an empathy-led company? First, it fosters trust in your brand. This alone carries a lot of opportunities for your business: brand identity means your customers are more likely to stick with you over a different competitor and pay more for your product. Second, customers who identify with and trust in your brand are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family, helping you further sustain your business. Since your customers know and love your company and feel recognized through your customer service, their high reviews can bring in new customers, both through their existing relationships and on any social media channels they post to.

Finally, understanding your customer’s needs can help guide your marketing materials and product improvements. Knowing who your customers are, what they need, and how they communicate can help forge stronger bonds, both with your current relationships and with your potential ones.

Businesses that act with empathy foster better relationships with their customers and create stronger communities. By fulfilling your customers’ needs and seeking to understand their backgrounds, your company will be better prepared for its future.

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