Branding in Graphic Design

Branding in Graphic Design Branding is a creative process whereby a logo or brand identity is created for a specific product or service. It involves careful thought and planning. The first step in branding is to identify your target audience. Understanding their demographics and preferences will help you determine how to convey your identity and […]

Creating and Maintaining Your Brand

CREATING AND MAINTAINING YOUR BRAND Your business’s brand is what makes you unique. With so many products and businesses out in the world, you need to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd by utilizing your brand. Many business owners fail to adequately brand their business which leads to an inconsistent online presence. […]

Tools for the Small Business Owner

Tools for the Small Business Owner Running a small business means wearing a lot of hats. More likely than not you’re taking on a lot of tasks that you may not know how to do, or maybe you’re learning them but they definitely aren’t your specialty. There are many tools built for the small business […]

Working with a Creative Design Team

WORKING WITH A CREATIVE DESIGN TEAM Reaching out for help in your business is both thrilling and terrifying. You are attempting to lighten your load by trusting professionals to get the work you need done, but you’re also putting faith in someone that may or may not produce the quality work you were hoping for. […]