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Do I need a business coach or a consultant?

Do I need a business coach or a consultant?

Do I need a business coach or a consultant?

Running a business is not something that one person can do completely on their own. Seeking out advice from other professionals or bouncing ideas off of someone you trust is a necessary action if you want your business to truly succeed. The best businesses out there aren’t run solely by one person but are a conglomerate of many ideas and opinions.

Business owners often hire business coaches to help them with the ‘business’ side of things such as implementing processes and looking at financials. The main difference between a business coach and a consultant is that a consultant comes up with answers. 

CAST design team does Creative Consulting. We are designers that have been trained in design thinking to come up with solutions. If you are not clear on how to present your business, unique proposition, or what makes you different from your competition has you feeling stuck, you should consider working with a Creative Consultant.

What Does a Creative Consultant Do?

A Creative Consultant is someone that can give you new ideas and induce fresh ways of think about aspects of your business that you may not have considered before. Creative Consultants are experts in their field and can guide you on what you should be doing across different platforms. This includes but is not limited to how you are showing up online, employee culture, value proposition, and marketing. Combining business with creativity sets businesses apart!

Sitting down with a Creative Consultant for even just an hour or two can help spark ideas and bring about big differences in your business.

Why Should I Work With a Creative Consultant?

A Creative Consultant will help you push through plateaus in your business that can be solved through a little bit of creative thought. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the flow of your website or updating a logo–but it’s something you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. As a creative expert, they can quickly identify weaknesses in your messaging. Working with a Creative Consultant can be beneficial if you’re not really interested in paying someone to fully handle something like your businesses social media or website. You know you can execute those sorts of tasks, even if it takes you a long time, but when it comes to best practices you just really aren’t sure. You aren’t required to work with the Creative Consultant through the implementation phase of these new ideas or plans, but the Creative Consultant can provide you with best practices and assist in the development of your strategy that you can then execute later.

Whether your business is new or seasoned, a Creative Consultant can help you find growth by providing insights on things like user experience and branding and by offering advice on your overall marketing strategy.

Success Story

In a recent conversation with one of our clients, we suggested that they incorporate a questionnaire into a speech they were giving to a large audience. The speech wasn’t directly meant to provide our Client with new clients of her own but we knew that by adding this small detail into her speech she was more likely to get audience engagement and in turn had a higher probability of getting new clients from it. Well, our client ended up seeing success the very next time they gave the speech! A simple, creative idea can bring you growth and success, and sometimes when you’re staring at the problem or product all day those simple, creative thoughts don’t come as easily. As Creative Consultants, we help you position your product or service at the top of your industry.

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The Best Approach to Building a Website

The Best Approach to Building a Website:

Hiring a Professional Web Designer or Creating a DIY Website

The Best Approach to Building a Website:

Hiring a Professional Web Designer or Creating a DIY Website

Often time when starting out on your entrepreneurial journey you want to save as much money as possible, so you take to doing many things on your own. Through the process, you find that somethings you’re just naturally good at, even though they’re outside of your typical wheelhouse, and other times you find that you’re just absolutely terrible at them. Let’s face it. You’re an expert in your field, and if your field isn’t marketing, web design, or user experience, then you’re probably not going to be great at those things, especially when it comes to the more technical side like building a website. Sure, you could create a DIY (Do It Yourself) website – but when you use platforms like GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix and Squarespace, you don’t really own your website. And also, to be quite frank, it probably took you five times as long to create something that’s subpar to what a professional web designer could have done, in turn wasting both time and money.

Using a professional web designer has its perks. These individuals have a deeper understanding of user experience, which allows them to extract the right information from your brand or company to include on the website, providing the user with the most complete experience. A professional knows not only how to design a website, but how also to generate sales from it.

To give you an idea of a few of the things that professional web designers, like those at CAST Design Team, take into consideration when building a website, we’ve included a list of terms below. Knowing these terms will help you understand the importance of hiring a professional and communicate better with your web designer once you hire them.

Terms to Know


The CTA or Call to Action is a clear encouragement to the audience to take action. One of the best and most common examples is the “click here” button. We often see this button or hyperlink shrewdly placed on several sites. Some CTAs are more effective than others, like: learn more, sign-up, book now, download. CTAs are very effective, especially when you use “Power Words” which are words that will get the attention of your audience. The best web designers know which power words to use where. The user flow from one page to another is important to get users down your sales funnel. CTAs can greatly help with this.

Why should you have CTAs?

  1. Clear Direction to Help the Audience Avoid Confusion and Make it Easier for Them to Navigate Your Website
  2. Direct Your Audience to Important Information that YOU want them to see
  3. Direct your Audience to Your Products and Boost Sales


Have you heard of SEO but not sure what it means? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the technique used to increase your organic (non-paid) ranking on search engines such as Google. That all still sounds a little vague and confusing. Well, to be honest, it will. SEO isn’t a simple task to complete and it doesn’t return results over night. While some people think SEO means adding a bunch of keywords to your website copy, it is much more than that. There are backend technical areas to address and a systematic way to include keywords into the front-end website copy.  

User Experience

We’ve mentioned User Experience a few times in this blog already. So now it’s time to dive into what it really means. User experience is about how a user feels when they’re actively searching your site and how they feel once they’ve left. User experience takes into consideration the values and needs of a customer. Bad user experience such as an unclear navigation bar or broken links can cause a user to exit the site sooner than intended. A good user experience can foster sales and leave customers happy and stress-free when leaving your site, in terms causing them to tell their friends about your company. Many things go into user experience such as technical navigation, usability, functionality, and how the overall design of the site incorporates the brand.

When you started reading this blog you were probably pretty certain that you could build a great DIY website, which Hey, you may be able to! But chances are, your business would greatly benefit from a website built by a professional.  So, are you ready to hire a web designer? We encourage you to take a look at the services we provide. We’re here to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Let us know how we can help. We look forward to helping you communicate your vision through design!